We Do

Cultured cell products, ingredients and clean meat

Integriculture Inc. develops cell-based meat, foie gras and other cellular agriculture products based on our unique ~x1000 low-cost large-scale cell culture technology.

Please refer to "Our Outlook" or contact us for partnerships and technical details of the "CulNet System" cell culture platform technology. 

Our Team

Yuki Hanyu


Yuki combined his expertise in chemistry and systems engineering to co-develop an innovative cell culture system on a self-funded research. He is recognised as one of the leading biotechnology lean startup entrepreneur. He has 7 publications, 11 patents and 1 single-author book

Born in 1985, Ph.D in chemistry, University of Oxford (2010), Previously Tohoku University and Toshiba R&D Center, founded Integriculture Inc. in 2015.

Keita Fukumoto


Keita, a brain and stem cell scientist with agricultural science background, holds extensive knowledge in molecular biology and cell physiology. He leads large-scale tissue engineering system development at Integriculture Inc.

University of Hiroshima (B.A., M.Sci), Previously Fellow at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in RIKEN Brain Science Institute, # 2017 Ph.D in medical science

Ikko Kawashima


Ikko co-developed an innovative industrially scalable cell culture system and medium based on his expert knowledge on endocrine system and agricultural science. He has 11 publications, 3 awards, 2 patents.

Born in 1983, Ph.D in agricultural science, University of Hiroshima. Previously Fellow at Baylor College of Medicine, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, before co-founding Integriculture Inc.

Ryutaro Mori

Business Director

As an impact-driven freelancer, Ryutaro helped various organizations from Venture companies to University of Tokyo with marketing in particular. At Integriculture, he is now in charge of marketing and business development. B.A. in Development Economics at UCLA.

Keita Tanaka

Chief Culture Officer

Keita specializes in muscle tissue engineering and graphical science communication and education. His cultured meat demonstration attracted national media attention while his science communication service he launched has trained more than 50 top university and corporate students and staff in 2016.

Born in 1993, Waseda University (B.Sci 2015), 2016~ Starts tissue engineering research Waseda University (M.Sci, #2018 Apr. )